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Each category of the four signs, i. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. This denotes movement from one place to another without going back. It shows enthusiasm, love, ambition, forcefulness, ability to complete plans in short time. It loves changes and reforms, independent spirit, self-assertive. Dual nature and sudden fluctuating nature, sensitive, cannot exert their will.

If these signs fall in 5th or 11th cusps, they denote no progeny. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, i. They undertake any enterprise with confidence and are not bothered about risks. These are called as human signs as they have humans as symbols. For Voice there must be air, so all airy signs are grouped under voice signs. These are said to be strong, and the ascendant will have qualities of the corresponding beasts.

Period of Ascension: Signs of short ascension:. They take longer. The above apply to the places in the Northern Hemisphere. This must be reversed for places in the Southern Hemisphere. Ubhayodaya: rising both ways : Gemini, Pisces. Trader Vaishya - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Labour Sudra - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Relating to Human Parts Parts of Kalapurusha. Symbols, signs, colour, stature and abode of different zodiac signs are given in Table 4: Sun Saturn Mars 2. Moon, Rahu Ketu Moon 3. Jupiter Mars Mercury Venus Mercury 7. Saturn Sun Venus 8. Ketu Rahu Mars Jupiter Venus Mercury This indicates the rising period of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

If the division of zodiac into twelve signs be taken to commence from the equinoctial point, their rising periods will not vary for any particular place. Lame Signs: Aquarius, Pisces. Aries, Taurus, Leo: Blindness increases during mid-night. Gemini, Cancer, and Virgo: Gives bad results in afternoon, otherwise benefic. Libra, Scorpio: More deaf during afternoon. Sagittarius, Capricorn: More deaf during night. Aquarius, Pisces: More lame during sun rise, sunset and junction Sandhi kala. Place :. The six signs from the Ascendent are called Invisible signs, while the seventh to twelfth are the visible signs.

Position of the Sun:. Adhomuka Raasi: The sign occupied by the Sun and its quadrants 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th are called Adhomuka or Down faced signs. Adhomukha Signs: signs facing down. Signs occupied by Sun, and 4th, 7th and 10th from the Sun. Oordwamukha Raasi: The signs preceding the one occupied by the Sun and in quadrants are known as Oordwamukha or face upwards signs.

If Aries is occupied by the Sun, than Pisces. Ooedhva Mukha Signs: signs facing up , are the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th signs from the Sun. Thiryangmukha: Faces turned backward The signs square or in quadrant to the sign succeeding the one occupied by the Sun are called the Thiryang mukha signs, i. Tiryangmukha Signs: 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th signs from the Sun. Classification of Signs with respect to Ascendent Signs:. Ascendent: The rising sign at the time of birth in the horizon is called the Ascendent or Lagna, or First House. Due to constant movement of the zodiac, the Ascendent changes at the rate of about 2 hours.

The Ascendent at sunrise, will be the same as per the Suns position and changes. Quadrants Kendra : The Ascendent, the fourth, seventh and tenth houses from it are called the Quadrants. They are also known as Kantaka malefic and Chatushtaya signs. Trine Trikona The Ascendent, the fifth and the ninth houses from it are called the Trine.

These are very important and the lords of these houses are very beneficial to the native. Succeedent Panapara Signs: These are the signs which succeed the quadrants, i. Cadent Apokloma Signs: These signs succeed the succeedent, i. Chatursara Signs: The fourth and eighth signs from Ascendent are called Chathursara signs. Upachaya Signs: The third, sixth, tenth and eleventh signs from the Ascendent are called Upachaya signs.

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Maraka Sthana: Death inflicting Sign : The second and the seventh signs are generally termed as maraka sthana. These houses are said to cause loss of longevity. The lords of these house, the planets posited in or aspecting these houses are called marakas or death inflicting planets. These planets in their major or sub-periods will cause death. Those with Badhaka Sthana lords and signs cause problems to the native, even though they are benefic.

Chapter 2. It is essential to note the general characteristic of the planets as these may be required for the prediction purposes, i. In Indian astrology, only nine planets, viz. It will be necessary to know the equivalent names as per western system and also the symbols as used in the Ephemerius.

Moon, Venus, Rahu Female. Mercury, Saturn, Ketu Eunuchs. Moon is treated as waxing from the 8th day of the Bright half Shukla paksha , up to 8th day of the Dark half Krishna paksha , i. Other days it is treated as waning. Sun, Moon, Jupiter Satwic good or pure. Elements Tatwas. Physical Constituents.

Exaltation and Debilitation:. All planets have 7th aspect Jupiter has in addition 5th and 9th Mars has in addition 4th and 8th Saturn has in addition 3rd and 10th. Besides the above planets are said to have aspect at certain house or planets posited in them, i. Presiding deities. Planetary Bodies. Planetary Period. Fever, dominated by liver and heart, eye diseases, dental, nerves Sleeping diseases, pulmonary, digestive problems, blood impurities Blood pressure, bilious fever, heart problems, ulcer.

Bile, heart, brain, head, eye, bone Breast, saliva, womb, water, blood, lymphatic and glandular system Bile, ears, nose, forehead, sinews, fibre and muscular tissue. Abdomen, tongue, lungs, nerve centres, bowels, bile, muscular tissues Phlegm, blood, thighs, kidneys, flesh, fat, arterial system Ovaries, genitative system, semen, water and phlegm Feet, wind, acids, knees, marrow.

Even though the very thought of imagining the planetary relationship, i. Depending upon the nature of the cosmic theory, it is the microcosmic and micro cosmic powers, likes and dislikes of the planetary tatwas are derived. In astrology, for general purpose of prediction, the following table is utilised: Planet Friends Enemies Neutrals Moon, Mars and 1. The horoscope is a heavenly map depicting the position of the planets and Ascendent at the time of birth of a child or a question Horary.

The casting of the chart i. The systems are of two categories, 1 Tropical Sayana and 2 Sidereal Nirayana. South Indian Type:. They denote the starting and extent of the different cusps, which have an affect on the natives life. These give the exact location of the planets with respect to the house, and may not be the same as in signs. These account for the discrepancies in the prediction, based only on sign charts. The different significations of the houses and the significance thereof has been given in general.

The reader will be able to form an idea about their effects on the native. Expenditure After fixing the Karakas against each house, we now proceed to know the general signification of the houses. To predict any event, it is very essential to consider the relevant houses and the signification. For example: 1 Regarding marriage: Consider houses 2, 7 and 11 along with Shukra , Venus. The Twelve Bhavas Houses :. I House or Bhava: Beginning of Life, childhood, environment, physical body, health, character, limbs, body, misery, strength, dignity, appearance, happiness, birth place, fame, dreams.

II House or Bhava: Family, face, right eye, wealth, food, nails, friendship, effort in equisition of wealth, worldly attachment, jewellery, precious stones, imagination, tongue, nose, teeth, sources of death. IV House or Bhava: Mental peace, mother, house, relatives, enjoyments, conveyances, ancestral property, education, neck and shoulders, vehicle, domestic environment, private affairs, farms, orchards, mines, hidden treasure, water ponds, rivers, kingdoms, friends, land, dwelling place, cows, horses, intuition ability.

V House or Bhava: Children, intelligence, position, documents, discriminating power, institution, minister, pregnancy, foresight, prayers, wisdom, deep thinking, heredity, immorality, belly, inclinations, love, pleasure, recreation, amusement, sports, competitive activities, earning from speculation like lottery and gambling, religious minded, wisdom, spiritual practical VI House or Bhava: Disease, enemies, thieves, cuts and wounds, miseries, debt, maternal uncle, activity, poison, untimely meals, urinal trouble, service, dysentery, nursing servants, tenants, cattle.

VII House or Bhava: Wife, partner in business, conjugal life, litigation, danger to life, illegal bondage, influence in foreign countries, marriage, chastity prativartha , sex-organs, sexual union, deviation from spiritual path, secret acts, over throw of the enemies, urinary organs, trade or speculation, diplomacy, business tact, martial happiness, husband, secret points of life, nervousness.

VIII House or Bhava: Longevity, accident, fear, calamity, anxieties, long standing properties, giving loan, house of death, inheritance, legacies, insurance, pension, gratuity, misfortune, sorrow, strive, disgrace, delay, disappointment, loss, theft, robbery, secret organs, anus, degradation, environment of death. IX House or Bhava : Faith, fortune, religious, philosophy and spiritual beliefs, meditation, father, preceptor Vidhi , purva punya, teaching dharma, institution and forethought, sacrifices and charity, sea voyage, air travel, long journey, foreign travel, higher education, knees, purity of mind, medicinal drugs, penance, grandchildren, imagination, devotion, love, sympathy, long lasting fame, communication with spirits, leadership.

X House or Bhava: Karma, honour, name and fame, power and prestige, success and status, respect, reputation, responsibilities, permanency in service, profession, promotion, high position, advancement, father, religious functions, rank and renown, pilgrimage, honour from Government, thighs, trade, honourable living, occupation, energy, means of livelihood, religious knowledge.

XI House or Bhava: Gains in every way, all kinds of receipts, the ear, the knee, acquisition of wealth, friends, society, community, elder brother, desire and its fulfilment, success, recovery from illness, profits, prosperity, personality, ornaments. XII House or Bhava: Loss, bed comfort, extravagant expenditure, sympathy, pity, moksha, the two feet, discharge of debt, left eye, termination of ones appointment, waste in investment, donation, separation, family, distant place, trouble, sorrow and sin, poverty, imprisonment, confinement in hospital, assassination, fraud, misfortune, left ear, left eye, life in a foreign place, scandal, disgrace.

Some of the important yogas listed below will be useful while predicting: Sunapha Yoga: Planets, except Sun, in the 2nd house from Moon, causes this Yoga. Self earned property, high position, intelligent, good reputation and wealth. Anapha Yoga: Planets, except Sun in 12th house from Moon causes this yoga. Well built, majestic appearance, good reputation, fond of pleasure and dress. May renounce the world in later life. Dhrdhara Yoga: If planets are posited on either side of Moon, cause this Yoga. Native will be blessed with much wealth and conveniences.

Kunudhruma Yoga: When no planets are posited on either side of Moon, this Yoga is formed. Person dirty, miserable, poor, dependent, swindler. Vesi Yoga: If planets other than Moon are in 2nd house, this Yoga is formed. Fortunate, happy, virtuous, famous, aristocratic. Vasi Yoga: If planets other than Moon are in the 12th, this Yoga is formed. Native, happy, prosperous, liberal, favourite of ruling class.

Hamsa Yoga: When Jupiter is posited in quadrant Kendra , being his position of exaltation, or his own house, this Yoga is caused. Handsome body, respected by others, pure in mind, righteous. Malavya Yoga: Venus occupying his own house and Kendra causes this Yoga. Well developed body, strong will, wealthy, happy, repute, intelligent.

Sass Yoga: This is caused if Saturn occupies Kendra which should be his own or exalted house. Will command servant, questionable character, wicked nature, will covert others property. Strong physique, famous, ruddy complexion, attractive, long life. Bhadra Yoga: Caused by Mercury occupying Kendra this should be his own or exaltation house.

Strong, well developed body, will be helpful to relatives, long life. The yogas detailed above under serial nos. Polite, generous, lasting reputation will hold good position. Highly intelligent, skilled, good reputation, comfort and happiness. Shadbhava: Planetary conjunctions, placement and the various states of existence avasthas on account of their incessant motions, play an important role in the determination of the strength or weakness of the planets in a horoscope. The planets have been categorised to be in any one of the ten states of existence or avasthas, i.

Deeptha exaltation , Swastha own house , Sakitha benefice sub-division , Sakta retrogression Peedya posited in the last quarter of sign , Deena in inimical sign , Vikala combustion , Khala debilitation , Bheeta acceleration , Muditha Each one of the above signifies a particular effect on the native. Besides these states of existence, the planet is supposed to get a particular share of strength according to its position in a horoscope. This strength is numerically measured by certain units called Rupas.

According to Indian astrology, there are six kinds of strengths, known as Shadbalas. Sthana Bala Positional : A planet, as a result of occupying its own sign of exaltation, own house, a friendly house or in its own shadvarga, own moola trikona, gets this positional strength. Chestabala Motional : Sun and Moon get their strength in Uttarayana, i. When Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mercury are with Mars, they are supposed to be defeated in a planetary war and get their strength.

In planetary war time, planets in the northern direction are strong and will win. The vanquished planets will have feeble strength. Mercury is always powerful. Planets in their week days, months and year, are deemed to be powerful. Malefic during dark half Krishna paksha , and the benefics during bright half Sukra paksha of the lunar months are powerful. Jupiter is strong always. Mercury during sunrise, Sun at noon, Saturn in the evening, Moon in first part of night, Venus at midnight and Mars in the last part of the night, have temporal strength.

Drigbala Aspect : This is the strength obtained by the aspect to which each planet is subjected. Aspects of benefics give full strength, while malefic take it away. Sun is the strongest and Saturn is the weakest.

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Kshethrabala: Venus and Star in female signs and other planets are strong in male signs. Sthanabala wealth and progress due to exaltation, health due to trine, finance, corns, wealth, happiness due to own house, fame, brilliance Tejas , permanent wealth due to financial house, financial gain through Govt. The Shadasha Vargas are: All effects 9. Raasi in general 2. Hora Wealth Manohar Rao 3. Drekkana 4. Trimshamse 1 7. Partner Parent Happines, misery Children Khavademsa 45 Net Assets. Upasana Education Strength of star. Dasama 3 Profession Panchamsa 5 Spiritualism 4.

Shastamsa 6 Health 5. Nadiamsa 12 of native. Vargas it is called Gopuramsa 6. Vargas it is called Uttamamsa 5. Vargas it is called Kumkumamsa or Sivamsa 12 Vargas it is called Sarvamsa. Panchanga means the five limbs i. Panchanga like Ephemeris, provides information regarding the various data i. It also provides the information regarding the extent of the Thithi, Yoga and Karana for the particular date and time of birth. It also provides the expired period of Lagna Ascendent at the sunrise. Panchanga is based on the week day which starts from sunrise to sunrise of the next day, unlike the Western system, which starts from midnight to midnight.

An example from the Panchanga will make it clear regarding the information provided by it. The Hindu system denotes the birth time as Ghatis and Vighatis, from sunrise. Let us know the equivalent with reference to the hours and minutes. With the basic data provided in the Panchanga, complete information can be filled in the horoscope format.

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After casting the horoscope we must check the effects of the year, week day, constellation, Thithi, Yoga, and Karana, on the native, and the following gives the general effects. The cycle repeats after every 60 years. The following table gives the name of the years and their classification, under each sign of the Zodiac, as well as the general effect of the year on the native born in that year.

For purpose of Astrology, the Solar year and Solar month only have to be considered. In India, some people celebrate the New Year as per the Lunar system, and others as per the Solar system. According to the Hindu system, these 60 years forming a cycle in a mans life has been given a name, and these repeat after every 60 years. The Indian system has six seasons, each comprising of two lunar months, while the Western system has only four seasons.

Indian season Months Western seasons 1. Vasantha Chaitra- Vaishaka Spring 2. Greeshma Jyestha - Ashada Summer 3. Varsha Sravana - Bhadrapada Summer 4. Sharad Aswija - Karthika Autumn 5. Hemanth Margashira - Pushya Winter 6. The Solar months take their names after the position of the Sun in the zodiac. AriesChittra 7. Libra Tula Taurus Vrishabha 8. Scorpio Vrishchika Gemini Mithuna 9. Sagittarius Dhanur Cancer Karkataka Aquarius -- Kumbha Pisces- Meena Lunar Months:.

Chithra Chaitra 3. Jyesta Jyesta 5. Sravana Sravana 7. Aswini Ashweeja 9. Mrigasira Margasira Makka Magha. Vishaka Vaishaka 4. Poorvashada Ashadha 6. Poorva Bhadra Bhadrapada 8. Krithika Kartika Pushya Pushya Hindus have identified 27 constellations. Before we proceed to cast horoscopes, it is better if we understand the effects of birth in various Nakshatras, yogas, karana, Thithi, vara, etc. Effect of birth in various Nakshatras: Ashwini -- Good looking, love for adornment, wealthy, clever, unperturbed and intelligent, skilful in completing tasks, friendly behaviour, thrifty by nature.

Bharini -- Cruel, crazy, deformed, daring, uncourteous but learned and enjoys life at the expense of others, without exerting himself.

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Krithika -- Strong, famous, well educated, has impressive personality, glutton, gets connection in high official circles, generous, respected by others. Rohini -- Thin built, truthful, charitable, has good large eyes, and also cleaver at knowing others secrets. Mrigasira -- Sickly, crooked, good talker, wealthy, suffers from inferiority complex, likes wandering, and also afflicted by love affairs. Aridhra -- Selfish, has unsteady mind, ungrateful, looses temper easily. Punarvasu -- Tactful, famous, wealthy, strong, drinks lots of water, clever, cunning but dull headed.

Pushyam -- Good natured, loved by learned people, dutiful, intelligent, righteous, wealthy, unperturbed. Aslesha -- Duty bound, strong, ungrateful, learned. Makha -- Wavering mind, likes scents and flowers, proud, wealthy and God fearing. Poorva-Phalguni -- Unsteady, indecent behaviour, lustful, charitable, can become good business man. Uthra-Phalguni -- Intellectual, egoistic, short tempered, and learned. Hasta -- Courageous, wealthy, grateful, shameless and learned. Chitra -- Good natured, miser, inclined to keep secrets, dull witted. Swathi -- Charitable, God-fearing, wealthy, easy going and well behaved.

Vishaka -- Egoistic, hen-pecked, prying, short tempered, jealous. Anuradha -- Happy-go-lucky, wealthy, dutiful to parents, keeps comforts and conveyance. Jyeshta -- Charitable, uncontrollable anger, eats more, harsh tongue, has temptation to keep others life partners. Moola -- Short tempered, impressive speaker, possesses easy virtue, hates relations, proud. Poorva-Shada -- Contented, far-sighted, proud, happy-go-lucky, truthful. Uthra-Shada -- Learned, wealthy, happy, grateful, has good discriminative powers, likes relatives and parents, has noble traits.

Sravana -- Respects elders, gentlemanly, famous, learned, becomes lover of the other sex. Dhanishta -- Noble, has fat thighs and neck, happy life, greedy, self-praising. Sathabisha -- learned, far-sighted, calm and contented, courageous and valiant, has forethought, eats little. Poorva-Badrapad -- Timid, haughty, has a gifted tongue, learned, gets money through womenfolk, Godless. Uthara-Badrapad -- Tactful, lascivious, wealthy, deceitful, charitable. Revathi -- Perfect bodied, beautiful, extremely popular, scorns others money, has weakness for women, tactful speaker.

Ayana Pakha :. The Year is divided into two Ayanas, known as Uttarayana, i. From the time of separation of Sun and Moon to the point of direct opposition, is called Shukla Paksha, from opposition to conjunction is the Krishna Paksha. Paksha Phala Period of 15 days between Full Moon and New Moon : If birth takes place in Sukla Paksha, the native will be endowed with children, and a host of descendants. He will become wealthy, kind-hearted and dharmic. Birth in Krishna Paksha makes the native selfish, but will be more attached to mother and also dutiful to her.

He will become an enemy to his relations. Week Days: There are seven week days from Sunday to Saturday, named after the seven planets. As per Hindu system, the day starts at sunrise and ends at sunrise the next day, while in the Western system, it rules from midnight to midnight. If birth takes place on: Sunday The native will have self-respect, reddish eyes, and hair, and also become a glutton. Monday Posses attractive personality and charitable. Tuesday Cruel, interested in arguments and debates, and also in risky ventures.

Wednesday Worships Devas and Brahmins, has noble character and humble nature. Thursday Famous, loved by elders and kingly people, performs yogasanas, and of good habits. Friday Will have agricultural lands and plenty of other modes of wealth, loved by all and lascivious.

Saturday Dullard, greedy, depends on others wealth, interested in vain arguments and hates good people. He will be clever in criticising his own people. Times on week days above 4gh of the following timings is taken for performing auspicious functions. This is calculated by adding the longitudes of Sun and Moon.

If it exceeds 12 signs, deduct 12 and refer to the chart to get the Yoga. This helps in evaluating the horoscope readings and is of paramount importance in shaping ones life. Yoga Constellation Effects 1 Vishakamba Pushya Wealthy, good looking will be endowed with cattle and other properties and will vanquish his enemies. Does good deeds. Lustful and bad character. Rich and hates everybody Wealthy, keeps calm and collected, liked by kings and well versed in sasthras.

The first pada sector of cruel Yogas, vythipetha, vydruthi completed, the first half of parigha yoga, 3 ghaligas of Vishakamba, 9 ghaligas of vyaghatha, 6 gh of Gandathiganda and 15 gh of Shoola, must be rejected for doing any auspicious functions. If the first lunar Thithi of the bright half Shukla Paksha of the month is divided into two, the first half will be Kristughna Karana and the second half, the Bhava Karana. The seven Karanas viz. Daring, famous, prowess, strong, has good habits, long life, like to wander in forest areas. Cruel, finds pleasure in harming others, has attractive personality, but short lived, independent and has few relatives.

"S" என்ற எழுத்தில் உங்கள் பெயர் ஆரம்பம் ஆகிறதா??(Name Luck) - Tamil Info 2.0

Will have affliction and happiness intermixed in life, unsteady prosperity. Unsteady habits, has no permanent residence, always has a dependent, wavering mind.

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Has high thinking power, strong will-power, eats more glutton , has good personality, famous, and does harm the pious people? Timid, immoral, engaged in low class work, lascivious, always suffers due to some disease. Engaged in quarrelling with relatives, quick temper, consumes putrefied and stale food, finds difficult in getting a proper job, squint eyed, mean minded. Manohar Rao 8 Sakuni Has far sightedness, past, present and future, will be able to predict, poor, has always afflicted mind, but will take interest in all affairs.

Clever in sastras and puranas, sickly, talkative, intelligent, learned, long-lived and wealthy. Earns good name and fame, scholar but quick temper and commits sins secretly. Powerful, short life, cannot enjoy the fruit of his regular work, habitual sinner. Fourteen thithis repeat in the two halves of the month.

These thithis though used mostly for fixing Auspicious Muhurthas, have been helpful in the evaluation of the horoscope. Will be energetic and active. Strong, wealthy, enthusiastic and impressive. Does meritorious deeds, strong, gets success in his attempts, clever and impressive speaker. Greedy, wanderer, possesses magical powers Interested in Vedas, and Shastras, lustful, thin built, and has wavering mind. Poor in health, learned, loses temper easily, and has kingly qualities.

Uses harsh words, proud, phlegmatic and has strong constitution. Lascivious, interested in daughter-in-law, and also phlegmatic. Interested in worshipping Devas and other Gods, has many obedient servants, and also wealthy Performs highly meritorious deeds, dharmic, learned and wealthy. Miser, lascivious and rich Short tempered, greedy, inclined to do immoral things Greedy, worships Devas and Manes.

Manohar Rao 16 Pournima Nobility, fame, wealth, good manners and does good to others. Divide the advanced longitude of Moon above the Sun by 12 and you will get the Thithi. T IME : The most important data needed for casting a horoscope or in Horary astrology, is the time factor, since the world is vast and it is not possible to adopt a single time. Hence each country introduced their own central time with a certain relationship with Greenwich Mean Time. The longitude passing through Greenwich, a place near London, UK, has been taken as a standard i.

It is well known that Earth revolves on its axis at the rate of one revolution per 24 hours, or a day, i. This data is utilised to correlate the timings of the country or place with that of Greenwich. Example: Bangalore -- Longitude 36 E, i. India has adopted 30 East as its reference and all the places in India will have their standard time of 30 E, i.

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This is called Indian Standard Time. Similarly, other countries have established their own standard times. Knowledge of this is very essential in casting a horoscope. Standard Time: A uniform clock time used in the country or zone is based upon mean local time of a certain geographical meridian of that zone or country. This time is called the Standard Time. Local Mean Time LMT : At any given meridian is the true mean time at all places which lie on that meridian irrespective of their latitude.

It is very essential to convert the Standard Time to Local mean time for purposes of calculating the Ascendent. Indian System of Time: According to Hindu astrology, the day starts from sunrise and extends upto next sunrise. The duration as an average is taken as 60 Ghatis. It varies according to the motion of the Sun. To convert the Hindu system i. Ghatis and Vighatis birth time to Indian Standard time, the following procedure must be adopted: Example I: A native is born at 20 Ghatis.

Note: The Hindu system always indicates the birth time only after sunrise or sunset. Example II: A native born at 9. Find the birth time, Ghatis and Vighatis. Read Free For 30 Days. Basic Astrology. Description: Hindu astrology uses a number of concepts and terms that have to be understood by the student or astrologer before starting casting horoscopes and predicting the future. This book covers all these concepts, and the characteristics of various planets. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Manohar Rao The inhabitants of the Earth can get only a side view of the Milky Way, because Earth itself is a part of this galaxy. Manohar Rao Asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The Sun: The Sun was formed about million years ago, from dense clouds of mainly hydrogen gas, with some helium and dust.

Planets: The residue gases hydrogen and helium, after the formation of the Sun, formed a disc shaped cloud around it. Mercury It is the closest to the Sun. Venus This is the brightest object in the night sky, other than the Moon, and is visible in the early morning, in the eastern sky, or early evening in the west.

Manohar Rao dioxide, cannot be absorbed, thus leading to high temperature which accounts for its unsuitability for any life on this planet. Earth Our planet Earth is million years old, like other members of the Solar System. List names similar to In-depth information of name. Find a surname. Find origin of surname. List similar surnames. Name compatibility. Zodiac compatibility. Birthday compatibility. Chinese star sign compatibility. Chinese Birth-date compatibility.

Zodiac Astrology. Chinese Astrology. Find Lucky number, color, day, metal, hours. Find Auspicious stones. Blood sugar conversion. Baby growth calculator. Ideal weight calculator. Weight management. Safe period calculator. Fetal Growth calculator. Fetal Size calculator. Fetus week by week. Fetus month by month. Pregnancy Trimester. Signs or Symptoms of Pregnancy. Pregnancy Tests. Birth Control.

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Weight on other planets. See Mobile Version. In Local:. Person with name Sowmya are mainly Hindu by religion. Find compatibility of name Sowmya with different names. Kumbh Aquarius.